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Promoting Excellence

Promoting Excellence

Project Eagle's values emphasize innovation, reflection for continual improvement, and collaboration in pursuit of knowledge. We partner with others in the community who are committed to the notion of every child receiving quality early childhood experiences and work together to make this a reality for all children.

"I have learned so many new things and I am a better parent for it! I have learned about what to do for my child's future and can help support them!"

- A Project Eagle and Educare Kansas City Parent

We promote excellence in the field of early education by:

  • Partnering with others to affect systems change,
  • Offering ongoing, embedded professional development to ensure our teachers and family support staff are continuing to develop and enhance their skills,
  • Contributing to research efforts to increase knowledge of what works in early education,
  • Communicating best practices through conferences and presentations,
  • And educating the future workforce through student internships.
Last modified: Feb 18, 2020