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Project Eagle

At Project Eagle we envision a community where children's futures are determined by their interests and dreams and not by their circumstances.

We further this vision by responding to the particular needs of the community's youngest and most vulnerable children and their families.

Project Eagle has three primary purposes:

  1. Preparing Children
  2. Engaging Families
  3. Promoting Excellence

Project Eagle is committed to the young children in Wyandotte County. Our annual community assessment highlights the increased likelihood for young children in Wyandotte County to experience one or more risk factors that make them susceptible to experiencing a significant number of adverse child experiences. The Children's Mercy Hospital's 2016 Community Needs Assessment estimates that 36.7% of children in Wyandotte County live in poverty and nearly half of experience one or more adverse childhood experiences. These risk factors, coupled with persistent challenges and barriers to adequate and quality services and interventions, can lead to lower levels of school readiness, poor health outcomes, lower levels of parental engagement, and dismal long-term outcomes.

Why is our work important?

Read our Annual Report to learn more!

Last modified: Dec 21, 2018

Project Eagle Celebrates 25 Years!

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